可以用指令 oerr 在Unix/Linux內查詢Oracle錯誤代碼的意義

$ oerr --help

Usage: oerr facility error
Facility is identified by the three-letter prefix in the error
string.  For example, if you get ORA-7300, "ora" is the facility
and "7300" is the error.  So you should type "oerr ora 7300".
If you get LCD-111, type "oerr lcd 111", and so on.

如果得到 lcd-100 的錯誤
$ oerr lcd 100
100, 0, "internal error, argument [%d]"
// *Cause: An internal error has occurred
// *Action: Report it to your System Administrator immediately

如果得到 ora-06504
$ oerr ora 06504
06504, 00000, "PL/SQL: Return types of Result Set variables or query do not match"
// *Cause: Number and/or types of columns in a query does not match declared
//         return type of a result set  variable, or declared types of two Result
//         Set variables do not match.
// *Action: Change the program statement or declaration. Verify what query the variable
//          actually refers to during execution.