EBS 11i的密碼原則

EBS 11i的密碼原則,從 profile-->System去改

Signon Password Failure Limit:
The Signon Password Failure Limit profile option defines the maximum number
of login attempts before the user’s account is disabled.

Signon Password Hard to Guess:
Set this Profile Option to Yes to ensure that they will be "hard to guess."
A password is considered hard-to-guess if it meets this requirements:
• The password contains at least one letter and at least one number.
• The password does not contain the username.
• The password does not contain repeating characters.

Signon Password Length:
Signon Password Length defines the minimum length of the password. Te default is 5 characters

Signon Password No Reuse:
This profile option specifies the number of days before any previously given password can be reused.