EBS 11i INV或PO排除FRM-40654

FRM-40654 Record Has Been Updated. Requery Block To See Change


SQL> connect apps/appsc
SQL> @afchrchk.sql

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

Enter the table and column names to check for leading or trailing
spaces and control characters.  Like-style expressions are ok.
Leave either table or column blank to check table/column.

Table name (blank for all):
Enter value for 1: MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_B  --表格名稱
Column name (blank for all):
Enter value for 2: DESCRIPTION  --檢查的欄位名稱

Newline characters are acceptable in columns never queried in
Forms, on only queried in multi-line items.
Enter Y to also look for newline characters.
Check for newline characters (Y/N)?
Enter value for 3: Y

Enter Y to automatically strip all leading/trailing spaces
and control characters found.
*** WARNING ***
It is highly recommended to run first without stripping
to be sure all detected values really should be fixed!

Automatically fix all errors found (Y/N)?
Enter value for 4: N   --是否自動俢復