C:\> rhc account

Login on
  ID:                 3369ac227359ca188d00220d5
  Plan:               Free
  Gears Used:         2
  Gears Allowed:      3
  Domains Allowed:    1
  Allowed Gear Sizes: small
  SSL Certificates:   no
C:\> rhc account logout

C:\> rhc setup -l

OpenShift Client Tools (RHC) Setup Wizard
This wizard will help you upload your SSH keys, set your application namespace,
and check that other programs like Git are properly installed.
If you have your own OpenShift server, you can specify it now. Just hit enter to
use the server for OpenShift Online:
Enter the server hostname: ||  <--直接按Enter

You can add more servers later using 'rhc server'.
Using to login to
Password: ********   <-- 輸入密碼

OpenShift can create and store a token on disk which allows to you to access the
server without using your password. The key is stored in your home directory and
should be kept secret.  You can delete the key at any time by running 'rhc
Generate a token now? (yes|no) yes  <--我是輸入yes

Generating an authorization token for this client ... lasts about 1 month
Saving configuration to C:\Users\test02\.openshift\express.conf ... done
Checking common problems
Your private SSH key file should be set as readable only to yourself.  Please
run 'chmod 600 C:\Users\test02\.ssh\id_rsa'
Checking for a domain ... test02
Checking for applications ... found 1
  You are using 1 of 3 total gears
  The following gear sizes are available to you: small
Your client tools are now configured.

C:\Users\keven_chen>rhc account
Login on
  ID:                 8745c69b544776e0ad01215e
  Plan:               Free
  Gears Used:         1
  Gears Allowed:      3
  Domains Allowed:    1
  Allowed Gear Sizes: small
  SSL Certificates:   no